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Starting a campaign is easy. Asking for help can be hard.

Understanding that life can sometimes catch us off guard - is a personal crowdfunding platform designed to help people with unexpected medical, emergency, and memorial expenses.

Built for Social Media
Our technology is built by one of the most experienced teams in social media responsible for pioneering first-of-a-kind social media campaigns for Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Toyota, Pepsi, Disney, NBC, and more.
All The Tools You Need
Our platform enables you to easily create your campaign, share with friends, rally support, collect donations through a payment gateway, and track progress of all your recent activity, including comments and donations.
It's Simple and 100% Free
Our platform is completely free with absolutely no fees! The only thing you will pay is transaction fees, which are set by credit card companies and WePay, our partner that helps us collect and process your donations online.
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