Please Help Ruth!


Please Help Ruth!

Please Help Ruth!

  • Update #6

    Posted On : Sep 08,2016

    Please Share and Donate!

    Please Share and Donate! Ruth is nearing the end of her one week break between her first and second cycle of chemotherapy treatment. During her first cycle of treatment Ruth experienced a bit of insomnia and fatigue. We were all hoping the week off between cycles would help her gear up for the next cycle to start (Monday 9/19). On Tuesday Ruth had a rough day, resulting in being admitted into the hospital on Wednesday. Ruth will likely be in the hospital for a couple of days, which is incredibly difficult for Ruth physically, mentally and financially. We very much appreciate all the prayers, kind words of support and donations we have received. We ask for continued prayers and support for Ruth and her family as they travel down the road of treatment and implore you to share this campaign and donate if you are able. Thank you.
  • Update #5

    Posted On : Aug 10,2016


    Hope On Monday we found out that Aunt Ruth has been diagnosed with a late stage cancer and as such will be starting an aggressive chemotherapy treatment regimen. She is getting a port installed and will be under treatment for the next 4-6 months. Due to the nature of chemotherapy and the aggressiveness of her treatment course, Ruth will likely not be returning to work during this time. We are so incredibly thankful for everyone’s generosity and prayers; we cannot possibly begin to express our thanks enough. We do, however, humbly ask for more prayers and more help. PLEASE share this campaign on your social media page and help spread the word, we want Aunt Ruth focusing on healing and not worrying about paying bills. Please continue to send your love, support and prayers!!
  • Update #4

    Posted On : Aug 01,2016

    A little better each day!

    A little better each day! Ruth is feeling a little better each day! She still has a bit a swelling since surgery, but with the help of her nurse, physical therapist and supportive family she is starting to get some relief! Ruth has her first chemo appointment on August 8th and will likely be starting chemo treatments after that. The treatment plan is have chemo once a week for 3 weeks and then off for 1 week for 3 cycles, after which there will an evaluation to see how the treatment is working. Once again, we cannot thank everyone enough for all their kind thoughts, prayers and shares! Please continue to pray for Aunt Ruth and her family as they continue on this journey, please share this campaign and donate if you are able!
  • Update #3

    Posted On : Jul 20,2016

    Home & Resting

    Home & Resting Ruth is continuing to make progress every day. She has been home for about a week now, and although feels as though she should be doing better, we can see improvement every day. She has a nurse, and physical therapist visiting twice a week. Her follow up appointment is coming up where we hope to here the pathology reports, and plan for treatment . She is overwhelmed by the live and generosity of family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
  • Update #2

    Posted On : Jul 13,2016

    Solid food!!

    Solid food!! A sincere thank you to every who have donated and shared this campaign! Words ca not truly express our gratitude!!

    Ruth is doing a little better this morning. She is moved from clear liquid diet to solids. She is trying toast and tea for breakfast. Latest word from Doctor is that she may be discharged tomorrow or Thursday.

    Please continue to send thoughts and prayers to Ruth and her family. And please share this campaign!
  • Update #1

    Posted On : Jul 07,2016

    Ruth is out of surgery!

    Doctor said he cleaned out/removed all cancer he could find which was fairly extensive through the abdomen. Ruth will be in recovery for a couple hours. Will know more and talk about chemo or next steps after results come back from pathology. Will see her in her room later this evening and pass on everyone's well wishes and prayers. Thanks everyone.

    Please share, donate and pray!
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Please help us raise funds to support Ruth during her treatment!

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